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We make garden Planters and other items for the garden on a bespoke basis. Every item is special and may not be exactly the same as another. This has the advantage that you can set the size of box that you want. Does it have to go on a slight slope? do you need one end higher than the other to be level? do you need the item to be smaller at one end or shorter? Have a strange angle in it ? All of these things will make your garden exactly as you want it rather than as somebody else says it should be!!


Benches bird tables bird boxes small items for the home such as trinket boxes and slate plates and cheese boards are also available .


In order to see the full range you need to come to an event we are at or call to see us. Some items are shown on the following pages.

Events booked Log Men

Various types of log men are available we have 2 standard size available at all times but again if you want something special come and talk to us.

Dartmoor Folk Festival (see their website for full details )

Chagford Show Local crafts tent

(See website for details)

Stonelynk Wood Products

Come and see us we may be able to help

If you want Something special ask and we will see if it can be made or repaired  for you.